Our Unified Connection - Innate Oneness

Our Unified Connection – Innate Oneness

It is when You, We, can bridge the chasm created by our individuality and differences appearing as an actual Separation that You, We, will See and treat all people as ourselves, and operate in a functional unity. You will not mistreat anything you think you are part of, such as any aspect of your own body.

Perception As Connected

Changing your perspective, thought, and behavior requires going deeper …The root of All of your functional aspects; behavior – thought – perspective – subconscious patterns – IS Your Foundational Perceptions of Life and Self …which All functional aspects Will conform to.

Love and Compassion Are Necessities

Through knowing Your innate connection, Your Oneness, with the Whole of Life, love and compassion are the basis of your functional perspective … leading to Inclusive thought and behavior … unity and peace!